Air coolers can be cleaned at home with some common cleaning products. It can work better if it is cleaned regularly.

It is hot outside, and air coolers are our best friend at this time. When the temperature is rising so quickly, we can't think of a day without them!

People enjoy sitting in front of an air cooler on a hot summer day and drinking their favorite cold drink. Agree?

If our air conditioner doesn't work the way it usually does, there are days when we can't cool our room the way it usually does, Why? Alarm: That's a sign that your air cooler needs to be cleaned or serviced. A professional might not be safe to ask to service or clean your air cooler during this pandemic, so you might not want to.

All is well. You can also clean your air cooler at home. Here, we've put together a quick guide to help you clean your air cooler on your own. You can do this at home.

To start, you need to remove the panel or cooling pads from the wall.


Step 1: Take Off The Panel Or Cooling Pads On Your Air Cooler So That It Can Cool Down Better

Make sure the cooler isn't running. One reason your air cooler isn't working right could be that the cooling pads are clogged up. Take them to the washing area for a thorough clean.


Step 2: Wash The Cooling Pads To Get Rid Of Any Dirt

With time, dust and dirt start to build upon the surface of the cooling pads, which affects the airflow. The air cooler doesn't work right, and there is also a rise in the amount of electricity used.

Under running water, clean the swamp cooler pad. You can also use a pipe to get them clean. Water pipes can be used. Do not forget to wipe down every part of the cooling pads. Use dish soap and a sponge to clean the cooling pads, then dry them with a towel. Scrub the sponge over the cooling pads with care.


Step 3: Drain The Water And Clean Up

Drain the water from the tank and use warm water and some soap to clean the water tank. Clean the inside walls of the air cooler and then rinse them with clean water.

Use A Wet Cloth To Clean Inside

To clean the inside and outside of the air cooler, use a wet cloth. If there are any dirt or dust particles on the outside of the air cooler, they can make the air cooler not work as well. Clean all the places you can.


Step 5: Put All The Parts Back Together

The cooling pads and the insides of your air cooler have been cleaned. It's now time to fill the tank with water and put the cooling pads back on. After putting the cooler back together, the air cooler can be used!



By Londyn