These statistics are alarming. Obesity can decrease the average life expectancy of people by as much as 14 years. This is why doctors continue to advise overweight and obese patients to lose weight.

For long-term success, you need a holistic approach to weight loss. Many programs include counseling and education, medical supervision, and individual counseling. Read more to know the Top 10 Reasons Medically Supervised Programs Work Best.

1. Long-Term Weight Loss Is More Likely If You Are Healthier

Your chances of losing weight in the long term are higher because you are medically monitored, coached, and are taught what your body needs.

2. You Are "Cleared" To Begin Your Weight-Loss Journey

People may try to lose weight themselves but have hormonal or medical conditions that prevent them from doing so. To ensure success, our medical staff checks each client. Our doctor reviews the results with clients face-to-face and may offer suggestions to ensure clients achieve the best results. The difference between success and failure could be due to a thyroid issue, or even a vitamin deficit.

3. Your Activity Is Continuously Monitored

We can monitor the program continues to determine what is working and what needs improvement. We can adapt your program to ensure maximum success. Monitoring programs will produce better results than those which are too generic.

4. Your Program Is Customized To Your Individual Needs

Each client is unique and will have different dietary and caloric needs. Your physician will design a program that suits your lifestyle and address your health concerns.

5. Learn How To Lose Weight Permanently And Keep It Off

Our programs are designed to last, unlike any fad diets and diets that you can find online. It will help you incorporate healthy lifestyle choices and foods into your daily life to increase your success rate.

6. HCG Injections Are Approved By Your Doctor

Our diets without HCG can be lower in calories than ours and are very effective. But HCG injections have been proven to work for some clients and help them get rid of stubborn fat. HCG injections can be helpful for people who are planning on attending upcoming events, such as weddings or reunions. 

7. You Won't Feel Hungry So Don't Give Up

Fad diets and core workouts can leave you feeling exhausted, making it tempting to give up. However, our programs are designed for energy and hunger reduction, increasing our clients' success rates.

8. You Are More Likely To Have More Energy Than Less

Supplements that your body requires can be added to medically approved programs. uncraveRx also offers vitamins and minerals, as well as other supplements. 

9. Counselors Are There To Support You And Keep You On Track

You have a better chance of staying in the program if there are counselors to help you. Counselors are encouraging and supportive. They also have patience and understanding.

10. If You Pay For It You Are More Likely To Keep It

It is a bonus to do a weight loss program. UnCraveRx is known for being an effective and affordable medical weight loss center.

Support from other people in the family or the client's daily life is a key factor in their success. They are more likely to stick with the program if they continue to live a healthy lifestyle.

By Londyn