air conditioning installation on rooftop

A rooftop HVAC unit for your business is a huge investment. You can reap the benefits ranging from climate control to extra perks over the traditional units.

Impressive advantages of adding commercial rooftop HVAC unit

  • Better temperature control
  • Make the internal work environment more comfortable with humidity control.
  • The right HVAC unit keeps employees comfortable, and more productive with high morale.
  • Customers also feel relaxed doing business and are more likely to return for future purchases.

Functional advantages of rooftop commercial HVAC unit

Easy maintenance 

Regular maintenance reduces energy costs and emergency repairs. The professional technicians detect the issue as it starts and fixes it. This allows for keeping repair bills in control. However, when HVAC units are tucked in the back rooms can cause access issues for the technicians. If the units are installed on the rooftop maintenance and repair task is easy. 

Nevertheless, it is essential to have the bulky units mounted on equipment platforms because their heaviness can damage the roof surface membrane and void roof warranty if moved to ground level. Conform rooftop equipment platform helps to reduce the fall hazards and improves safety and flow of HVAC maintenance traffic. 

Less noise pollution

The HVAC units emit some noise even if they are powerful, efficient, and clean. The noise from a bulky HVAC unit can cause frustration for everyone moving inside the building. Mechanical reverberations can overshadow the conversation but having the HVAC installed on the rooftop can reduce the noise pollution. 

You may still hear it but ensure to have an acoustic system added. The system is designed to operate in three ways – absorb – reflect-absorb. There is less noticeable noise, so the concern about disruption to production is resolved.

Saves space 

For every business space saving is crucial. More space means more display and shelf space and the chance to serve extra customers. HVAC units are bulky and cumbersome. It can occupy 50%of the space, which means a loss of opportunities and revenue. The rooftop installation offers your business more space for your projects.

Durable and reliable

Rooftop commercial HVAC units are manufactured with a focus on reliability and durability. They are sturdy and protected better than traditional units. They can handle the outdoor harsh weather, precipitation, and high winds. With regular maintenance, the units can serve the owners with few interruptions and failures. 

Modular & flexible

The majorities of commercial rooftop HVAC units are modular and allow upgrading specific parts or adding components. You can make changes as necessary or your business needs to grow. This type of flexibility was not available with traditional HVAC systems. 

The rooftop unit will last for more than 15 years but proper maintenance is essential. You need to be proactive and invest in routine maintenance. Even take care to add access platforms to address the safety concerns of the HVAC technicians. A right platform, stable work surface, and guardrail protect the maintenance team as they work efficiently yet safely. 

Even make sure to choose an HVAC of the right size to avoid wasting money. Choosing advanced controls also helps to gain maximum benefits at fewer energy costs. So, consider the above points and make a wise decision!

By Londyn